It’s the Fraudiest Time of the Year for Travelers

Visiting family for the holidays? So is everyone else. Last year, a record-shattering 107 million people traveled between Thanksgiving and New Year. In December and early January, travel spiked by 20%. That’s millions of people booking flights, grabbing hotels, and buying train tickets. A good chunk of these transactions happen on “Travel Tuesday,” the day […]

[Infographic]: Fraud in the Travel Industry

Online booking is booming. That’s great for forward-thinking travel firms that offer customer-pleasing experiences like last-minute booking, streamlined checkout, and flexible reservations. Unfortunately, it’s also great for fraudsters, who prey upon those very “perks” to defraud these companies. To get a snapshot of the challenges faced by modern OTAs and other travel companies, check out […]

Fighting fraud in travel: Top challenges

As more travelers research, arrange, and buy all aspects of their trips using a digital device, the onus is on travel companies to innovatively deliver standout experiences. However, if you’re a travel company that sells online, you’ve undoubtedly encountered the flip side of enabling convenient and engaging features like last-minute bookings and streamlined checkout. Fraud […]

[Infographic] Hot Routes of Travel Fraud

There’s no navigating around it: the travel industry is a frequent target of fraud. Spanish travel agency Destinia makes sure fraud doesn’t get in the way of running their business and delivering an awesome experience to their good customers. They use machine learning to monitor and stop high-risk purchases, grounding travel fraud before it takes […]

Blocked!: A True Story of False Positives

We often talk about false positives in terms of cost, but what exactly is that cost? This story showcases the hidden price you pay by blocking good users. Like most people, I’m constantly engaging with the online world. I buy products and leave restaurant reviews on my computer at home, but I also browse sites, make […]

5 Reasons Why Fraudsters Target Your Business

You’re a worldly, 21st century business. You keep up with your customers by offering real-time purchasing, allowing customers to exchange virtual cash, and encourage easy checkout by app or website. You’re doing everything you can to be competitive and buzz-worthy in this digital minefield of  e- and m-commerce.

But because you’re doing everything right, you might be inadvertently opening yourself up to malicious users. From something as “benign” as coupon or referral abuse to straight-up credit card fraud, websites and apps are seeing it all. Even the bad behavior that seems relatively harmless – like spammy content or fake accounts – ends up damaging your business’ reputation and your customers’ experience.