3 Things We Learned at the Women’s Trust Network Event

Working in Trust & Safety can be a lonely experience — doubly so for women in the space. That’s why we were proud to sponsor the second annual Women’s Trust Network (WTN) event! Talented, experienced women across the industry got together to network, share best practices, commiserate, and get excited about the future of Trust […]

Siftie Spotlight: Patrick Marx, Staff Software Engineer

This is part of a monthly series in which we get to know Sifties. Patrick Marx is a Staff Software Engineer and has been with Sift for two years. If he could eat just one food for the rest of his life, it would be pho, because it’s delicious and wouldn’t be too hard on […]

The Scars of Scaling

Scale is what all companies are striving for: winning it, dealing with the pressures of it, or taking it to the next level. Regardless of what phase you’re in, one thing remains consistent. Scaling leaves scars. This sounds painful, right? Who wants scars? But all that matters is what you get as a result of […]

Visa is Lowering Chargeback Thresholds: What You Need to Know Now

180 days. A lot can happen in that time. For some, “180 days” might conjure the thought of a chargeback arrival curve. For others, it may inspire thoughts about their product roadmap. As Sift, we wanted to highlight something that’s going to happen less than 180 days from today: Visa is lowering its fraud ratios […]

Siftie Spotlight: Rachel Xiao, Technical Recruiter

This is part of a monthly series in which we get to know Sifties. Rachel Xiao is a Technical Recruiter here at Sift and has been with us for a year and four months. If she could eat only one food for the rest of her life, it would be noodles. She loves noodles – […]

Why Businesses are Hiring in Digital Trust & Safety

Google, Twitter, Lime, Getaround, Spotify… What do these businesses have in common? All of them are hiring in Trust & Safety. Tech is experiencing a revolution in its approach to risk and revenue. The conventional approach to fraud-fighting is to invest almost exclusively in fraud and risk teams that operate independently from product teams, finance, […]

[Webinar] Building Lasting Loyalty: How to Evolve from Fraud Prevention to Digital Trust

Last week, Sift partnered with CardNotPresent.com to present the webinar “Building Lasting Loyalty: How to Evolve from Fraud Prevention to Digital Trust”. The panel of experts included our Trust & Safety Architects Kevin Lee and Jeff Sakasegawa, who were joined by CNP editor-in-chief DJ Murphy. Here’s what they discussed. 1) Legacy approaches to fraud-fighting can’t […]

The Digital Trust & Safety Deficit

For years, most businesses have treated fraud-fighting as synonymous with fraud mitigation. Fraud and risk teams are set up to keep losses down by manually reviewing transactions, figuring out which users are likely to be fraudsters and which are likely to be honest customers. The bulk of a team’s time is spent examining discrete customer […]

Your Legacy Fraud Solutions Are Killing Your Growth

Today’s fraud landscape extends well beyond payments and financial transactions, but most fraud prevention solutions – particularly the ubiquitous legacy tools so many businesses utilize – aren’t equipped to handle the ever-evolving issues organizations can’t afford to ignore. In our webinar featuring guest speaker Andras Cser, VP Principal Analyst with Forrester, Leading the Digital Trust […]

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