Summer 2019 Release: Intelligent Performance

Frictionless experiences like one-click checkout and instant delivery used to be competitive differentiators. Now, with more companies rallying for their share of the growing e-commerce market, they’re becoming a competitive necessity. Nearly half of consumers say they immediately search other sites if they encounter friction while making a purchase. Leading companies are adopting Digital Trust […]

Spring 2019 Release: Enterprise Trust & Safety

Leading brands delight their users with frictionless experiences. Sift powers these experiences for thousands of sites, fueling top-line growth while also protecting them from fraud and abuse. But fraud and abuse aren’t the only elements of risk. Launching products, expanding to new markets, and building out larger teams create operational complexity that can also hinder […]

Fighting Fraud: Travel Apps, Sites, and Online Travel Agencies

Modern travel is exceptional. Forget the marvels of the actual travel experience – airplanes with wifi, bullet trains that average 200+ mph, boutique hotels that cater to every whim of weary travelers. Perhaps more incredible is that, with the click of a mouse or the swipe of a finger, users can book flights, reserve hotel rooms, and make travel arrangements effortlessly and instantly. The convenience and near-anonymity of travel sites and apps eliminate the face-to-face elements of holding on the phone, standing in lines, and coordinating with physical travel agents. Just a credit card can give customers access to world of wonderful experiences.