Leading brands delight their users with frictionless experiences. Sift powers these experiences for thousands of sites, fueling top-line growth while also protecting them from fraud and abuse. But fraud and abuse aren’t the only elements of risk. Launching products, expanding to new markets, and building out larger teams create operational complexity that can also hinder growth.

With our Spring 2019 release, we’re excited to deliver new capabilities that cut through this complexity — empowering businesses of all sizes to adopt a Digital Trust & Safety approach and drive revenue without risk.

One integrated solution for the entire user journey

Bad actors target your business from every angle. Now with the Digital Trust & Safety Suite, you can get end-to-end protection with bundled access to our full range of products. A single integration unlocks protection for the entire user journey that can be customized as your exposure changes. With a flexible solution optimized for growth, you can launch products and expand to new markets quickly without deploying more tools or negotiating additional contracts. All this — powered by machine learning that gets better as you grow.

Console enhancements that give your analysts the edge

As fraud and abuse become more sophisticated, your analysts need more advanced tools to make fast, confident decisions. With new updates to the Sift Console, we’ve made our best-in-class analyst console even more powerful.

Login Inspector

See login activity grouped into easily scannable profiles based on shared attributes like location, connection, and device ID — shining light on unusual activity so you can investigate account takeover even faster. Then, apply decisions to multiple login events at once to secure accounts quickly.

Layout Manager

Create a standard Console layout for each type of fraud and abuse you face. With a consistent analyst workspace, you can onboard faster and equip your team with the context they need to review cases more efficiently.

Updated roles & permissions for enterprise-grade control

Coming soon, enhanced role-based access control enables you to give your team access to just the tools and data they need to do their job. Get up and running quickly by assigning users to new default roles with pre-configured permissions. Or, create custom roles and configure feature-level access based on the way you operate. With more control, you can maintain higher levels of security and compliance while also unlocking the power of the Sift Console for teams across your organization like support, billing, and business analytics.

New Insights reports for more informed decisions and automation

Scale amplifies the impact of every decision you make. Sift Insights provides real-time visibility  to optimize operations and make data-driven decisions that keep you ahead. Adding to the capabilities we launched last fall, a new set of Insights reports pull back the curtain on login activity, content abuse, and the effectiveness of your automation.

  • Account Defense: Get visibility into sessions, logins, and verifications to stay ahead of account takeover and keep friction low for good users.
  • Content Integrity:  See the volume of content posted, reported, and blocked in real-time — so you can fight abuse better and keep your community safe.
  • Workflow Metrics: Tune Workflows with actionable data about every criterion you automate on. See how often Workflows run, their accuracy, and the impact of business logic on users.

To learn how to put Trust & Safety into practice and what it means to scale with a growth-focused approach, join us for our upcoming webinar with Forrester Research. And as you begin to adopt our latest updates, we’d love if you’d share your feedback.

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