Of all the tech buzzwords to catch the public eye, “cryptocurrency” might be the least understood. Cryptocurrencies like bitcoin are digital assets that are underpinned by cryptography. Like any traditional currencies, cryptocurrencies’ value fluctuates with the market. Unlike traditional currencies, cryptocurrencies are unregulated.

Everyone knows that cryptocurrency could change the way we transact online, but few know how that will happen. What kinds of fraud challenges arise in the fast-paced, unregulated world of mining and blockchain? And when there’s no blueprint for meeting these challenges, how do you plan ahead?

To find out, we sat down with Patrick Presto. After years handling risk management at Square, Patrick is now writing his Masters thesis on currencies like bitcoin. Patrick draws on his rich knowledge of online fraud to help shed light on the future of trust & safety. 

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Roxanna "Evan" Ramzipoor

Roxanna "Evan" Ramzipoor is a content marketing manager at Sift. Her debut novel The Ventriloquists will be released August 27, 2019.