More and more users are turning to mobile to make purchases, interact with online communities, and browse the web — and fraudsters are following suit. We launched our iOS and Android SDKs over the last year to help our customers fight mobile fraud. Customers who have integrated the SDKs have already seen many mobile-specific signals rise to be top contributors to their models.

With our latest console update, analysts can quickly pinpoint fraudsters coming from any mobile device. The Locations card now shows mobile device history in the User Details page alongside their IP, billing, and shipping addresses. We also keep track of the times we’ve seen a device, so you can keep track of frequently used devices:

Locations card featuring the new mobile information in the rightmost column.

Each unique device is assigned a different letter, so you can clearly distinguish mobile activity on the map. If we see the exact device in a new location, it will keep its letter and appear as a new item in the list view.

Device information, carrier, location, date last seen, and frequency seen are all detailed in the card.

Now you can track down fraudsters no matter what device they are using. Mobile is growing, and our mobile SDKs are here to help you stop attacks from all channels.

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