We’ve attended Card Not Present (CNP) Expo for the last four years, starting just two years into our fraud fighting journey. At our first CNP event, we were new players on the scene and relished every opportunity to meet with customers and learn from industry leaders.

Fast forward four years, and we’re thrilled to announce that we are the 2017 Judges Choice for Best Antifraud Solution! At this CNP Expo, we not only continued to meet fraud-fighters, we also had our resident industry expert Kevin Lee speak on ATO and walked home with one of the most important accolades of the night.

This CNP journey is just one part of the incredible ride we’ve been on over the last year. We’ve more than doubled our revenue, more than doubled in headcount, and were also recognized as a leading fraud solution by Merchant Risk Council.

While this hyper-growth is exciting for our leaders, it wouldn’t be possible without the entire Sift Science team. So, we’re turning the mic over to some of our most seasoned Sifties to share why this award and year has been so exciting for them.


 “At Sift Science, we always start with the customer. This is actually encoded as our first company value.  To that end, every engineer is encouraged to sit in on customer calls and work with our Solutions, Product, and Account Management teams to better understand our customers’ needs.  

This heightened understanding and sensitivity to customer impact has guided almost every effort we’ve taken on over the past few years: from improving model accuracy to scaling up our data ingest and serving infrastructure, to building statistical safety net mechanisms for our products. Receiving this award is a great signal that we are making the right tradeoffs, and I’m incredibly proud of our team for the hard work that has gotten us to this point.” Sam (Saam) Talaie (~2-year Siftie, Research & Development)



“When I first joined Sift Science, we were a third of the size that we’re at now and barely making any money. We were ‘young, scrappy, and hungry,’ if you will. I thought we were winners back then, and that feeling has only grown more and more. These awards really validate and make tangible what I’ve known since the beginning—that there’s a need for what we’re building and that we’re doing it on the right path. We’re no longer young or that scrappy, but we’re definitely still hungry. I can’t wait for what’s to come!” Eugenia Ho (~3-year Siftie, Design)



“I used to be a fraud analyst and I know how difficult the job can be. Now that I’m on the other side working with our customers’ fraud teams, it’s so satisfying to know our product makes their lives easier. Receiving these two awards is the cherry on top of all the good work I know we do. I’m so proud to be a part of the Sift Science team and see all the hard work from all sides get recognized.” –Michelle Arguelles (~2-year Siftie, Sales & Marketing)




“It’s easy to live in a bubble in tech. But, having the recognition of CNP confirms that we’re giving companies across different industries a product they want and need. I’m excited to have been part of this journey and to show folks that this is just the beginning of our journey!” –Kai Morrison (~3-year Siftie, Operations)