Sift Science is Now Privacy Shield Certified

At Sift Science, we understand that trust powers the internet. Users trust businesses to deliver secure and exceptional experiences. Businesses trust their users to behave safely and honestly on their platforms. When fraudsters threaten to interrupt this flow of trust, that’s where we come in. Sift Science helps thousands of websites and mobile apps fight […]

Culture Spotlight: Fireside Chat with Minnie Ingersoll, COO, Code for America

Sift Science loves to invite individuals knee-deep in the world of technology to spend some time talking with us in what we call our Fireside Chats. On March 14, we had the pleasure of welcoming Minnie Ingersoll, COO of Code for America, to our San Francisco office to discuss her transition from the for-profit to […]

[Podcast] Interview with Sift Science CTO Fred Sadaghiani

Technology moves fast, and Fred Sadaghiani has always kept pace with it. Fred thrives in environments where he can solve hard, fun, meaningful problems. This drive has led him to startups like TeachStreet, to behemoths like Amazon — and now to Sift Science, where Fred is CTO. At Sift Science, Fred spearheads the development of […]

Powered by Interns! Six Interns Reflect on Their Summer at Sift Science

At Sift Science, interns have been an integral part of our company’s culture and growth. So it’s no secret that we’ve been working tirelessly to build a valuable engineering internship program. Our team is committed to building a program that fosters a culture of mentorship, transparency, and collaboration. Having an internship program isn’t just about […]

Running ML Infrastructure on HBase

On May 7th, I presented at HBaseCon, demonstrating how Sift Science leverages HBase and its ecosystem in powering our machine learning infrastructure. In case you missed the talk, I’ll lay out the main points here.

There are three main types of events that we receive from customers on our platform: page views (also known as page activities), purchases (also known as transactions), and “labels”.