‘Tis the Season to be Wary: Holiday Mobile Commerce Fraud Trends

Mobile is the way of the future – or rather, the present – for e-commerce. Holiday shoppers continue to move away from brick-and-mortar stores to online sites, but are doing even more shopping via mobile devices than ever before. Fraudsters are growing savvy to the trend and capitalizing on the colossal amount of purchases made […]

3 Essential Last-Minute Steps for Holiday Fraud Prep

Black Friday and Cyber Monday may be behind us, but the holiday shopping rush has only just begun. Between now and January 1, millions of people will order gifts for family and friends online and on mobile. Last year, the sharp uptick in holiday shopping was accompanied by a 22% increase in ecommerce fraud. If […]

Why Report on Fraud and Abuse?

You’ve got a team of analysts fighting fight fraud and abuse. You’re doing what you can to delight your customers and keep them safe. You seem to be doing everything right….but are you? Without the right data, it’s impossible to know. To understand your business’ health, it’s vital to have accurate, comprehensive measurement. But many […]

10 Mistakes Merchants Make Fighting Chargebacks

Your customer just filed a chargeback. That’s the end of the story, right? Not quite! As complicated and stressful as chargebacks may seem, you can fight back — and win. But it’s not easy. For one, the process of disputing a chargeback doesn’t favor the merchant. Banks and credit card companies prioritize their customers’ satisfaction. […]

Visa Chargeback Changes: What Merchants Need to Know

For years, card-not-present merchants have felt like the chargeback process is unfair, unclear and untimely. Visa has heard these complaints and criticisms loud and clear – and beginning April 15, 2018, they’ve made significant changes. The new program is called Visa Claims Resolution (VCR for short….not to be confused with the way we children of […]

Take the fraud news challenge! 6/19/17

Are you staying on top of the online fraud and abuse headlines? It’s time to test your knowledge! Fill in the blanks below. No cheating! And don’t forget to check your answers when you’re done. Fill in the blanks! 1. A new study from Mastercard and Oxford University suggests that 93 percent of consumers (and […]

Fraud and Payments by the Numbers: 16 Stats from 2016

Who doesn’t love a good stat? It’s time for another roundup of the latest numbers and trends about credit card fraud and payments… Credit card fraud stats from 2016 $8.6 billion What false declines will cost merchants in 2016 $6.5 billion Total cost of actual fraud merchants will prevent that same year Source: Business Insider Takeaway: […]

How an Innovative Menswear Retailer Cut Chargebacks by 90%

Combatant Gentlemen (Combat Gent) is a design-to-delivery menswear company using technology to ultimately offer high-quality products and approachable, aspirational price points. Launched in 2012 with the mission of using technology to help guys get where they want and need to go, Combat Gent is growing fast. They just launched their first retail store in Santa Monica, and are gearing […]

How an Outdoor Retailer Prevents Chargebacks and Fake Reviews

Every online retailer is likely familiar with the painful wake-up call of chargebacks. “There is nothing worse than coming down off of a huuuggge month just to get slapped with chargebacks,” explains Derek Thompson, Director of E-Commerce at Fontana Sports. But in addition to payment fraud, a lot of online retailers are also battling content abuse […]