‘Tis the Season to be Wary: Holiday Mobile Commerce Fraud Trends

Mobile is the way of the future – or rather, the present – for e-commerce. Holiday shoppers continue to move away from brick-and-mortar stores to online sites, but are doing even more shopping via mobile devices than ever before. Fraudsters are growing savvy to the trend and capitalizing on the colossal amount of purchases made […]

The Battle for Frictionless Checkout

It’s one of the most dreaded paradoxes of running an online business. Customers want to get from the buy button to the “track shipment” page with as few steps as possible. But they also want businesses to keep their data secure. They’ll abandon their cart if the checkout page requires repeated identity verification…but they also […]

10 Mistakes Merchants Make Fighting Chargebacks

Your customer just filed a chargeback. That’s the end of the story, right? Not quite! As complicated and stressful as chargebacks may seem, you can fight back — and win. But it’s not easy. For one, the process of disputing a chargeback doesn’t favor the merchant. Banks and credit card companies prioritize their customers’ satisfaction. […]

10 Things You Need to Know about Mobile Fraud

More people are using their phones to buy, sell, and browse than ever before. The number of mobile devices in the world is increasing five times faster than the human population, which is good news for m-commerce companies – but also for fraudsters. Although mobile transactions account for less than a third of total purchases, […]

Mobile Commerce, Payments, and Fraud By the Numbers

Does it feel like more and more people are working on the go, totally tapped into palm-sized screens? That’s because they are. Consider how often you pull out your phone, whether to check a message, log a mile, get directions, or play a game. Mobile use is at an all-time high, and as a result more […]

Will There Ever Be a Global Standard for Online Payments?

Evan Schuman is a guest contributor to the Sift Science blog. A single, standard way to pay for anything securely online. Sounds great, right? But does this ambitious vision actually stand a chance of happening? Recent talks from the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) about establishing one consistent method of making purchases online has a lot of potential, especially given the […]

How Mobile Payments Can Win the Fraud Perception Game

Evan Schuman is a guest contributor to the Sift Science blog. When it comes to payment fraud fears and shopping behavior, there’s a big difference between what people say, and what they actually do. For example, studies show that debit card use is on the rise —despite the fact that the absence of zero liability protections for debit […]

“Outsmarting Professional Online Criminals Is Surprisingly Fun”: Q&A with Adam Fern

These days, it’s not uncommon to pay for a bagel or a haircut or a pair of earrings by sliding your credit card through a little white square. But half a decade ago, when Adam Fern joined Square, the innovative San Francisco-based payments company that pioneered an easy way for merchants to accept payments, it was a different story. We […]

Is Mobile Authentication Really E-Commerce’s Best Shot?

As e-commerce businesses struggle with payment fraud—affectionately known in the payments world as CNP (card not present) fraud—strategies all come down to a single concept: authentication. With a physical CP (card present) transaction, there are plenty of easy ways to authenticate. In a virtual reality, that task becomes a lot more challenging. Image: Apple Unless the […]

Mobile Payments, EMV, and Fraud: A Chat with ETA’s Jason Oxman

If you’re a criminal looking to commit credit card fraud, the most popular way to successfully make that happen today is to create a counterfeit card and use it in an in-store purchase. Cha-ching. Free Stuff. “Counterfeit cards are still the number one form of card fraud in stores in the U.S. today,” explains Jason […]