The Detective and the Commando: Hiring in Digital Trust & Safety

Looking to hire Digital Trust & Safety (DT&S) team members? You’ll be joining the ranks of Google, Facebook, Airbnb, Uber, Twitter, and Patreon: disruptive, digital-first companies that have recognized trust is woven into their business’s DNA. DT&S is an innovative approach to balancing revenue and risk. Instead of separating user experience from user safety, DT&S […]

Measuring the Performance of Your Fraud Team

If you are responsible for managing an ops team, chances are you’ve been asked to justify hiring additional headcount and measuring the performance of your existing team. Below, I’d like to share some basic metrics I used to measure the effectiveness of my Risk Ops team while at Square and Google.    Techniques for measuring […]

3 Essential Last-Minute Steps for Holiday Fraud Prep

Black Friday and Cyber Monday may be behind us, but the holiday shopping rush has only just begun. Between now and January 1, millions of people will order gifts for family and friends online and on mobile. Last year, the sharp uptick in holiday shopping was accompanied by a 22% increase in ecommerce fraud. If […]

Why Report on Fraud and Abuse?

You’ve got a team of analysts fighting fight fraud and abuse. You’re doing what you can to delight your customers and keep them safe. You seem to be doing everything right….but are you? Without the right data, it’s impossible to know. To understand your business’ health, it’s vital to have accurate, comprehensive measurement. But many […]

10 Mistakes Merchants Make Fighting Chargebacks

Your customer just filed a chargeback. That’s the end of the story, right? Not quite! As complicated and stressful as chargebacks may seem, you can fight back — and win. But it’s not easy. For one, the process of disputing a chargeback doesn’t favor the merchant. Banks and credit card companies prioritize their customers’ satisfaction. […]

[Podcast] How-To: Building an International, Dynamic Fraud Team

As many of you know, building a trust & safety team isn’t easy. Our trust & safety expert Kevin Lee has helped walk us through it in the past, but there’s always more to learn! What if your team spans continents? What if you’re building from scratch? What if you’re dealing with a type of fraud […]

The Fraud Team’s Guide to Winning Friends and Influencing Other Departments

No fraud team is an island. Though your day-to-day focus may be different than those of engineering, marketing, sales, and product, your fate is intertwined with those other teams. Changes in any one of these organizations can drastically affect any of the others – and ultimately your business.

Scaling Your Chargeback Dispute Process

Like many others who find themselves here, I fell down a rabbit hole and landed in the fraud world. A combination of necessity (I worked for a growing payments company) and curiosity (fraud is an interesting evil) led me to take a job as a Fraud Analyst. With it came the persistent problem of chargebacks and the growing need to fight them.

Get Your E-Commerce Fraud Team Ready for the Holiday Rush

Santa has a leisurely 364 days to figure out who’s approved for gifts, but what about your business? You face the “naughty or nice?” question every single day – and during the holiday season, more orders and less time can create a perfect storm for fraud. Here are some tips to help you prepare for the busiest time of year: