The Scars of Scaling

Scale is what all companies are striving for: winning it, dealing with the pressures of it, or taking it to the next level. Regardless of what phase you’re in, one thing remains consistent. Scaling leaves scars. This sounds painful, right? Who wants scars? But all that matters is what you get as a result of […]

[Webinar] Building Lasting Loyalty: How to Evolve from Fraud Prevention to Digital Trust

Last week, Sift partnered with to present the webinar “Building Lasting Loyalty: How to Evolve from Fraud Prevention to Digital Trust”. The panel of experts included our Trust & Safety Architects Kevin Lee and Jeff Sakasegawa, who were joined by CNP editor-in-chief DJ Murphy. Here’s what they discussed. 1) Legacy approaches to fraud-fighting can’t […]

Your Legacy Fraud Solutions Are Killing Your Growth

Today’s fraud landscape extends well beyond payments and financial transactions, but most fraud prevention solutions – particularly the ubiquitous legacy tools so many businesses utilize – aren’t equipped to handle the ever-evolving issues organizations can’t afford to ignore. In our webinar featuring guest speaker Andras Cser, VP Principal Analyst with Forrester, Leading the Digital Trust […]

Don’t Let Holiday Fraud Checks Alienate Shoppers

Evan Schuman is a guest contributor to the Sift Science blog. With purchases soaring this time of year, it’s comforting to remember that the fraud rate doesn’t increase just because overall transactions rise. But there’s some other calculus to keep in mind: although the fraud rate doesn’t go up in December, shoppers’ verification tolerance plunges. In other words, […]

How Fraud Prevention Impacts Customer Experience

Think about the last time you had a less-than-impressive customer experience (CX) online. What made it disappointing? Something broken on the website? Maybe there was a confusing returns policy? Your item didn’t arrive in the timeframe promised? Or perhaps the annoyance happened at checkout, when your card got declined?If you’re like most people, that single poor […]

How Customers Really Feel About Your Fraud-Prevention Measures

The fear of fraud makes perfectly customer-friendly companies do not-quite-so-customer-friendly things. Like adding unnecessary friction to the buying experience. Captcha. Verified by Visa. 3D Secure. Security questions. Customers may understand – at a high level – why a business would make someone jump through these hoops, but that doesn’t mean they like it. Battling fraud barriers can bring up unpleasant feelings.