Summer 2019 Release: Intelligent Performance

Frictionless experiences like one-click checkout and instant delivery used to be competitive differentiators. Now, with more companies rallying for their share of the growing e-commerce market, they’re becoming a competitive necessity. Nearly half of consumers say they immediately search other sites if they encounter friction while making a purchase. Leading companies are adopting Digital Trust […]

Digital Trust & Safety: Unlock new revenue without risk

We strongly believe that good fraud prevention should never block revenue growth. In fact, with the right approach, fraud prevention can be a revenue driver. That’s why feedback from our recent survey caught our attention: while 77% of companies prioritize delivering a frictionless experience, nearly the same amount say that fraud prevention measures keep them […]

Announcing Sift Insights

Most businesses have a limited view of how effectively they’re fighting fraud. Existing reporting solutions rely on data that’s captured daily or weekly, but fraud is a constantly moving target. And with 40% of businesses tracking only chargeback rate, fraud managers are missing the impact their efforts are having on top-line growth. That’s why we’re […]

Improved developer experience: New API reference

Successful fraud fighting starts with a seamless integration, and we want to ensure you’re set up for success. We recognize the importance of well-thought-out documentation, which is why we’re excited to launch a redesign to our API reference. Based on feedback we collected from customers, as well as our team’s own experience using our documentation, […]

New Feature: Images Now Appear in the Console!

Whether it’s photos, gifs, memes, or screen shots … people are drawn to what’s visual. In fact, images are one of the most popular types of user-generated content online. But when the images are fraudulent or abusive? They can weaken user trust and destroy experiences across marketplaces, dating sites, forums, social networks, and communities. That’s […]

Stop bad content before it’s posted, and build better communities

A listing that leads to a phony or non-existent product, apartment, or job. Spammy or abusive comments polluting your dating app or community. Messages from fraudulent sellers luring your buyers offsite… Sound familiar? Trust is difficult to earn, but easy to lose – and if you’re a community or marketplace, the integrity of your site […]

Announcing Smart Collaboration in Queues: A better way to do manual review

No fraud analyst is an island, and that can cause inefficiencies when multiple people work in a review queue. Today, we’re happy to announce Smart Collaboration features that will enable teams to work together seamlessly! Smart Collaboration builds on the Workflows and Queues functionality we launched last July. Now, analysts can claim queue items simply […]

Introducing mobile locations for better fraud fighting

More and more users are turning to mobile to make purchases, interact with online communities, and browse the web — and fraudsters are following suit. We launched our iOS and Android SDKs over the last year to help our customers fight mobile fraud. Customers who have integrated the SDKs have already seen many mobile-specific signals […]