Frictionless experiences like one-click checkout and instant delivery used to be competitive differentiators. Now, with more companies rallying for their share of the growing e-commerce market, they’re becoming a competitive necessity. Nearly half of consumers say they immediately search other sites if they encounter friction while making a purchase. Leading companies are adopting Digital Trust & Safety, enabling them to prioritize user experience without opening up pathways for fraud. And the first step of the Digital Trust & Safety journey is supporting your team with the right solution.

With our Summer 2019 release, we’re excited to announce product updates that help drive high performance across your team, with new capabilities for analysts, managers, and developers.

Sift Console, meet Whitepages Pro

Have confidence that users are who they say with access to leading third-party data directly in the Sift Console. You can query Whitepages Pro with a single click to see key attributes of email, phone, address, and IP — without time wasted navigating between windows. With deeper visibility into a user’s identity, you can review difficult cases quickly and confidently.

Everything you need, front and center

Coming later this summer, our new case summary view for Payment Protection surfaces the information that matters most for your investigation. Quickly understand key elements of a user’s risk profile such as order, identity, and behavior — then use this insight to guide your investigation.

Strengthen your first line of defense

Stop more fraud and abuse before it happens. With enhancements to Sift Workflows, we enable you to automate more efficiently and scale your impact.

Advanced text matching

Build Workflows based on a wide range of text criteria to catch more fraud and abuse automatically. Create criteria that match on partial or whole words and toggle case sensitivity to pinpoint keywords and phrases — or use wildcard fields to take action on emails, IPs, and other criteria that fit a certain pattern.

Whitelists and blacklists

Coming soon, Workflow Lists allow you to compile criteria such as email addresses, IPs, and keywords into a single set. Create whitelists and blacklists, then reuse them across Workflows to automate decisions or queue cases for review. Easily upload and download Lists in bulk, and audit changes with a full revision history.

40% faster scoring

Stop fraud in (less than) the blink of an eye. With more efficient processing, Sift now delivers scores 40% faster on average.

Put your data under the microscope

Drilldown reports in Sift Insights

Coming soon, drilldown reports provide granular visibility into orders, team performance, and the effectiveness of your automation. Zoom in to answer detailed questions about your business and download raw data for deep analysis in external tools.

Integration health dashboards

Keep a finger on the pulse of your integration. Real-time dashboards reveal the volume of data you send us, your error rate, and warnings when data is problematic or not processed correctly. With full visibility, you can diagnose issues quickly and get the best results no matter how you integrate.

Simplicity for admins and developers

Single sign-on support

Enable your team to securely login to Sift without managing separate passwords. Configure single sign-on using your SAML 2.0-based solution — or get up and running even faster with our upcoming Okta integration.

C# library

Developer resources are scarce. To help you make the most of them, the Sift C# library gives your developers everything they need to build seamless integrations with C# applications.

If you’re attending the CNP or Marketplace Risk conferences in San Francisco, drop by our booth to hear more about these exciting updates! And as always, we’d love if you’d share your feedback.

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