We strongly believe that good fraud prevention should never block revenue growth. In fact, with the right approach, fraud prevention can be a revenue driver. That’s why feedback from our recent survey caught our attention: while 77% of companies prioritize delivering a frictionless experience, nearly the same amount say that fraud prevention measures keep them from achieving that goal.

Clearly, something is broken. The status quo for fraud management is not up to the challenges faced by today’s organizations: meeting customers’ incredibly high expectations, while also protecting their business and users from bad actors.

That’s why we’re excited to lead the conversation around Digital Trust & Safety. We’ve seen our customers benefit from adopting this holistic approach of aligning goals across growth and risk teams, working cross-functionally, and using adaptive technology. Through a Digital Trust & Safety approach, these companies increase revenue, without increasing risk.

As part of this initiative, we’re introducing a new solution, the Digital Trust & Safety Suite, which allows customers to use all Sift products with a single integration. This way, you can protect every user interaction at every stage of their journey – from signing up for a new account to buying a product to posting reviews, and more – with one simple solution.

In our survey, respondents overwhelmingly cited staying ahead of rapidly changing fraud patterns as the issue that kept them up at night. Sift data shows that fraudulent content attacks have risen by 453% over the past year, far faster than the rise of payment fraud (49%). With the Digital Trust & Safety Suite, it’s easier than ever to safeguard your users and brand as fraud patterns change, or as your business needs evolve.

To align our company with our goal to bring a Digital Trust & Safety mindset to companies of all sizes, we’ve also refreshed the Sift brand. We’ve simplified our name (from Sift Science to Sift), and created a more streamlined, modern visual identity, to complement our forward-thinking approach.

We’re proud to bring Sift technology, community, and partnership to our customers. With more than 34,000 sites using Sift, we know that the evolution towards Digital Trust & Safety is already in action. And we can’t wait for what’s next.

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Jason Tan

Jason Tan is the co-founder and CEO of Sift. Fueled by a passion for building great products and amazing teams, he's also held leadership and engineering roles at BuzzLabs, Optify, and Zillow.