Sift Science CTO Fred Sadaghiani is no stranger to cutting-edge technology. He thrives in environments where he can solve hard, fun, meaningful problems. At Sift Science, that means fighting fraud and fostering trust with the power of machine learning (ML).

But Sift Science isn’t the only company using ML. In fact, ML seems to be changing the face of countless industries. How is this technology impacting the way we interact online? What is the future of trust & safety in a world of democratized ML? And how does Sift Science stand out in such a crowded landscape? Fred draws on his diverse experience building ML systems to provide some insight. 

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Roxanna "Evan" Ramzipoor

Roxanna "Evan" Ramzipoor is a content marketing manager at Sift. Her debut novel The Ventriloquists will be released August 27, 2019.