User-generated content is the lifeblood of marketplaces and communities — which is why content abuse is such a painful problem. Content abuse is any fake or malicious content posted on a site, usually to defraud the business or another user. And it’s a rapidly growing problem. By 2022, people will be exposed to more fake information than real information online, according to a Gartner study.


To get a handle on this rising threat, we’re sitting down with two experts. Oggie Nikolic is a Google engineer with an extensive background in risk management. Kevin Lee, a familiar face on the podcast, is the trust & safety architect at Sift Science. Oggie and Kevin explain why content abuse is so hard to fight, and how online marketplaces and communities should approach this challenge.

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Roxanna "Evan" Ramzipoor

Roxanna "Evan" Ramzipoor is a content marketing manager at Sift. Her debut novel The Ventriloquists will be released August 27, 2019.