Most businesses have a limited view of how effectively they’re fighting fraud. Existing reporting solutions rely on data that’s captured daily or weekly, but fraud is a constantly moving target. And with 40% of businesses tracking only chargeback rate, fraud managers are missing the impact their efforts are having on top-line growth.

That’s why we’re excited to announce Sift Insights, a feature from Sift Science that provides total visibility into the fraud you face — so you can measure impact, optimize performance, and make informed decisions that keep you ahead.

Data that’s as fast as fraud

Fraud doesn’t stop, and neither should your reporting. Data in Sift Insights is updated in real time, ensuring you’re always working with up-to-date information. Use dashboards to take a pulse on KPIs and fraud trends, or dive deep with reports for more detailed analysis. Sift Insights provides a complete view of business metrics and team performance — all in one place.

Business Analytics

Fighting fraud and abuse protects your bottom line — but doing it well unlocks opportunities to grow revenue and provide seamless customer experiences. Stay connected to key metrics such as chargeback rate and order block rate, and see how your efforts are driving order volume and user growth. Sift Insights turns fraud prevention into your competitive advantage.

Analyst Performance

Business metrics are only part of the picture. Sift Insights also reports on key analyst performance metrics including accuracy rate and review speed. Team-level views help you identify trends, streamline processes, and set performance benchmarks. Zoom in on the activities of individual analysts to spot top and bottom performers — and help strike the right balance of review accuracy and speed that keeps your fraud operations humming.

Gain the upper hand

Sift Insights is smarter than your average reporting. Trade in your CSV files and spreadsheets for reports that are:

  • Comprehensive – A complete view across currencies, payment gateways, and data sources.
  • All-time – All your data in one place, no matter when you sent it.
  • Real-time – Dashboard views and reports that are always up-to-date, so you can answer questions about your customers or team quickly.
  • Flexible – Exportable reports for deep analysis or sharing across teams.

Armed with the full picture, you can start making better, data-driven decisions. Sift Insights helps you quantify the impact of fraud-fighting successes, shine a light on opportunities for improvement, and ultimately stay ahead of fraud.

Ready to achieve a higher level of insight? Register for our upcoming webinar or contact sales to learn more.

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