We built our Console to make fraud easier to understand and manual review more efficient. Earlier this month, we rolled out three new features to help teams increase their performance and work better together.

Escalation Queues: Get a second pair of eyes on tricky cases

We all get by with a little help from our friends. Knowing that there are often cases that need a manager’s approval or the added insight of another teammate, we’ve introduced new Escalation Queues. Once set up, analysts working through cases will see the option to push to a new Queue in addition to other decisions. Managers or senior analysts can then work through the cases in their own specific Queue for extra review.

You can read more about configuring Escalation Queues in our Help Center.

More focused review with the new Console layout

Our customers often face multiple types of fraud and may have different people staffed against each one. With our latest Console update, we’ve made it easier for separate teams to work on different abuse types.

Fraud patterns vary widely, and the queries you run for payment abuse may be very different from those of account takeover and content abuse. With the new layout, Lists are now separated by fraud type to keep things not only better organized, but also more focused. Manual review is more efficient when analysts can operate with fewer distractions.

It also now only takes a single click to switch between abuse types, making it easier and quicker to change contexts, and fraud prevention efforts are better separated.

We’ve made a number of other changes to the Console to help analysts work more efficiently. You can read more about the differences in the layout in our Help Center.

Auto-saving lists

We’ve made searching quicker with Lists that now auto-save as soon as you add or modify any criteria. No need to worry about losing the users you were investigating as you explore fraud patterns.

We are proud to have helped customers significantly reduce manual review and are always investing in new ways to make analysts’ lives easier. If you have questions or feedback, reach out to us at support@siftscience.com.

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