Last year, Sift Science announced successful completion of our first SOC 2 Type 2 audit. But our journey to protect data for the thousands of websites and mobile apps that use Sift Science didn’t end there. Today, we’re thrilled to share news of our SOC 2 renewal, what new controls are in place, and what this means for our awesome customers.

So, what’s new?

Since our SOC 2 announcement last year, we more than doubled our customer base and employee headcount. Given the increased reach, we’re working even harder to ensure our customer data is handled in the most secure way. Since our last update, we’ve maintained the strong controls that allowed for initial completion of the SOC 2. In addition, we’ve completed various new projects to make Sift Science even more reliable.

For example, we’ve updated security training for all new Sifties (Sift Science employees) so we’re all vigilant and have practical security tips we can deploy daily that protect customer data and other confidential information. We also regularly audit internal access to sensitive customer data to make sure that customer data is only accessible to Sifties that require access for their roles. We’re also using increased headcount to our advantage by sourcing business risks from Business Operations – a growing team – during our annual review of risks. And on the product side of the house, new circuit-breaking logic and backup sites mean that we continue to invest in our service’s availability.

What this means for Sift Science customers

Our improved security and reliability measures mean two things for current and potential Sift Science customers. First, “passing” these security audits is only one element of our customer security measures. We’re always implementing new ways to ensure the highest standards of data security. Second, we’re more equipped than ever to bring our solution to companies of all types and sizes. In a nutshell, our headcount and customer footprint may change, but our integrity and commitment to keeping customer data safe will not.

Curious to know more?

We’ll continue to add additional security updates at And if you have any questions about SOC 2 or how we can help you fight fraud and deliver great user experiences, just email