Today, we’re excited to unveil the Sift Science Digital Trust Platform, a holistic way for online businesses to maximize their revenue with legitimate users while protecting both themselves and their customers from the ever-expanding attack vectors of fraud and abuse.

Protecting digital businesses while enabling growth

It’s never been more vital for online businesses to confidently know which users they can trust, and which ones they can’t. Every company that relies on digital experiences as a critical lever to their business faces a variety of bad behavior – from payment fraud to fake accounts, from abusive user-generated content to account takeover – that jeopardizes their growth.

At the same time, businesses can’t afford to (nor do they want to) build fortresses around their digital storefronts, websites, and mobile apps. We often talk about the importance of protecting your business from the damaging effects of fraud. But equally important is the ability to confidently grow your business without concerns about risk – moving into new markets, accepting more orders, creating positive digital experiences that drive conversion, and building valuable long-term customer relationships.

Powering trust with sophisticated technology

We believe companies shouldn’t have to choose between securing and growing their business. That’s why we built the Sift Science Digital Trust Platform: to give businesses the ability to determine in real time which users they can and can’t trust across digital channels.

Our Live Machine Learning, global trust network, and automation technologies combine to deliver a single-platform approach to stopping fraud and abuse while also fueling growth. Leading global brands including Airbnb, Twitter, Cabify, Yelp, Zillow, Traveloka, and Shutterstock rely on Sift Science’s patent-pending technology to increase revenue and reduce risk. The Digital Trust Platform provides a way for these and other companies to protect themselves and their users against multiple types of fraud and abuse.

We’re also excited to introduce a new program called Protected by Sift Science, which allows qualifying customers to display a badge on their websites to indicate that they’re protecting their users through advanced technology and industry insight. And finally, we’re launching our inaugural Digital Trust Index, which tracks and reports on the global safety of the internet based on activity happening across our vast digital trust network.

Gone are the days where businesses can implement single-point solutions for each type of fraud. The types of attacks get more sophisticated each day, and businesses need a trusted partner who will help them stay one step ahead and support their growth.

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