Do you use the network view in the Sift Science console as part of your fraud review process? Good news – now you can block multiple users or transactions right from that page…all in one click! 


With the new Apply Decisions dropdown button, fraud teams can make batch decisions – in other words, you can block or flag large groups of users that have similar characteristics to known fraudsters. Select them all, or select just a few, and make your decisions right from the network view.

Just as you would with an individual, you can now identify blocks of users as ‘Fraud’ or ‘Risky,’ both of which you can review again later. These users will be identified in future transactions and stopped before they make their move.

Batch decisions may seem like a small change to the user interface, but it will have a huge impact on your fraud-fighting efforts. Not only does it allow you to quickly block large fraud rings from your site, but it makes reviewing fraud even more efficient.

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Andy Nelson

Andy is a Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Sift Science. He is driven by helping bring the most advanced technology to market to solve complicated problems. Prior to Sift Science, Andy worked at machine learning startups and at IBM as a leader in analytics strategy.