Stay ahead of mobile fraud by keeping your Sift Science SDK integrations up to date! We’re happy to announce that our mobile SDKs now support iOS 11 and Android Oreo (O). 


In addition to supporting the latest version of both mobile platforms, the SDK includes a host of improvements, including:

  • Better Android data collection for mobile device and application interaction data
  • A slimmer Android SDK
  • Critical bug fixes

These updates improve the accuracy of your Sift Score, boost system performance, and help you provide a superior product experience for your users.The new mobile SDKs are available for download, using your favorite dependency managers. As always, we’d love to hear from you. Feel free to email us at with any questions or feedback.

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Swaroop Sham

Swaroop is passionate about products that keep fraudsters and cyber criminals away. In a previous life, he built security products and learned his trade at cybersecurity firms including Proofpoint, FireEye, and F5 Networks.