No fraud analyst is an island, and that can cause inefficiencies when multiple people work in a review queue. Today, we’re happy to announce Smart Collaboration features that will enable teams to work together seamlessly!

Smart Collaboration builds on the Workflows and Queues functionality we launched last July. Now, analysts can claim queue items simply by hitting the “Start Review” button or by clicking any individual item they want. Claimed items are never served to other analysts working through the queue.

Once an analyst makes a decision, they’ll automatically get the next available item. That means no more wasted time trying to find an open item or working on the same one as another analyst!

In addition to smart claiming and serving, this release includes a few other features to make manual review easier:

Timeout when idle – Claimed items don’t get stuck in review limbo. If an analyst is idle for an hour, claimed queue items are automatically released back to the rest of the team.
Queue prioritization – Review what’s most important to you. Managers can now set up the queue to automatically serve items in order of Sift Score, order value, time remaining, or any combination of the three.
Easy collaboration – Need a second pair of eyes? Analysts can hop into any claimed item by clicking it directly. Either analyst viewing the item can make a decision with no worry about releasing the claim first.

We built our Console to give analysts a beautiful experience that makes fraud fighting easy and enjoyable. With Smart Collaboration, fraud teams can work more efficiently, too.

You can configure queues by following our Workflows tutorial. You can also read more about this new feature in our Help Center. If you have any questions or feedback, please reach out at We’d love to hear from you!

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