Android is the most popular mobile operating system in the world, capturing 65% of the market. That’s why so many businesses are focusing on delivering the best experience on Android – so they can derive as much revenue as possible from this key channel.

Today we’re excited to unveil a more powerful version of our Android SDK, geared toward helping organizations grow mobile revenue while keeping fraud at bay.

The Sift Science Android SDK captures mobile-specific signals – like device identifiers, locational identifiers, behavioral signals, and app and network information – and feeds them into our machine learning technology to make each user’s risk assessment even more accurate. These accurate risk scores enable you to provide a more tailored experience to users, based on their risk profile. In other words, your best users will get first-class treatment and the smoothest experience possible. And that adds up to more revenue for you.

Sift Science customers using our mobile SDKs develop a deeper understanding of their users as they shop and interact across multiple channels. They’re well set up to expand into mobile-first markets, and to grow revenue over the mobile channel by making it easier for users to sign up, make purchases, and post content. Even better, you can manage all of your fraud – across desktop, mobile apps, and mobile web – from a single comprehensive platform.

Check out more information about our mobile SDKs. We’d love to hear what you think!

Or download our new ebook, Maximizing Mobile Opportunities, to find out more about how Sift Science can help you win on mobile.

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Swaroop Sham

Swaroop is passionate about products that keep fraudsters and cyber criminals away. In a previous life, he built security products and learned his trade at cybersecurity firms including Proofpoint, FireEye, and F5 Networks.