The mobile channel is a key and growing revenue-driver for so many online businesses – including dozens of mobile-first customers who already use Sift Science to give users a smooth checkout experience, without increasing risk.

In fact, Gartner estimates that mobile commerce drives nearly 22% of digital commerce revenue, and will only expand. However, paralleled with that exciting growth is a troubling increase in fraud coming from mobile devices. That leaves businesses with a tricky challenge: How do you strengthen your mobile anti-fraud measures without diminishing the user experience?

That’s why we’re excited to bring you an even more powerful Sift Science iOS SDK, designed to help you effectively stop mobile fraud and deliver a frictionless experience. To make it easy for you to manage all of your fraud data in one place, we’ve also added mobile fraud signals into the Sift Science console.



Here’s a bit more about what’s new:

Real-time scoring for dynamic checkout experiences

Now you can capture user behavior and device data across your mobile app, mobile web, and backend systems to compute a real-time Sift Score. Based on this score, you can remove friction during the mobile checkout experience, or add authentication checks for risky users.

One integration (and platform and console) to rule them all

Today’s users (and fraudsters) move effortlessly from device to device. And with Sift Science, you can easily track their behavior across multiple touch points, to get a comprehensive view of fraud patterns. Plus, you’ll get access to all of these insights right within the Sift Science console.

It’s all part of how we’re trying to streamline your fraud management experience. One simple integration with the Sift Science platform lets you stop all types of fraud – payment fraud, account abuse, content abuse, and promo abuse – across both desktop and mobile.

Learn more about how Sift Science can fight fraud for your mobile business.

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Swaroop Sham

Swaroop is passionate about products that keep fraudsters and cyber criminals away. In a previous life, he built security products and learned his trade at cybersecurity firms including Proofpoint, FireEye, and F5 Networks.