Debugging and fixing errors can be frustrating, especially when you’re unsure what needs fixing! We recently rolled out a new “Integration Health” tool to make it easier for your team to manage and troubleshoot your integration with Sift. Forget finding and debugging errors; now, you can easily monitor and detect all errors for a quick and effective integration.

Why is a successful integration important?

In order for your business to successfully stop fraud with Sift Science, a thorough integration sending valid data and events is necessary. Because Sift’s machine learning system uses your data to detect fraud patterns and fraudsters, the quality of the data that you send is paramount.

Think of it like this: if we can’t interpret the information you send, then we’re unable to effectively use our network to detect fraud or catch fraud patterns specific to your business.

How to use “Integration Health”

You can find  “Integration Health” as a tab in your “Developers” console page. Here, you can easily view all of the events that you send to Sift – sortable by week, day, and hour time windows.

Easily delve into your errors by checking “show errors only”. You can even view errors in more detail by clicking on a specific bar which will take you to the specific errors in your API logs.

Click on a bar to see all of those events displayed in your API logs. Within API logs, you can easily see what errors there might be (if any) as well as all the data that you’ve sent us for a particular event.

Want to learn more about sending events to Sift Science? Check out our Integration guide or our API reference documentation!

Integration Health was built to make it easier for your business to manage its integration with Sift. Have any questions or comments? Feel free to comment below or e-mail us at